VEDOMARE Greco 2017

VEDOMARE Greco 2017

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Massimo is for me a second father, a brother and a friend. Massimo was born and raised next to our vineyard. Massimo has been working with us since 1969.
He taught me everything I know about the country.

From his house he can see the sea.

Rocco: ”Massimo, what do we do with these four rows of Greco grapes?” “What about a white wine?”
Massimo: “How come a white wine?” “Shouldn’t we use Greco grapes combining them with Syrah?”

R: “I actually believe we can produce a special, elegant wine rich in sapidity!”
M: “...and how do we do that?”
R: “just the way you did it with your father when you were a kid...” M: “Do we leave it on the skins?”

R: “Absolutely”
M: “But it is not fancy anymore...”

“Don’t you want to filter it?”
Rocco: “No way”
Massimo: “And what are we going to call it?”
Rocco: “Vedomare (I see the sea) as if we were looking down from the vineyard”

In the past in our region wine was made like that. These are traditions lost with time and memories to be cherished with one’s childhood.